About Bon Bureau Design Inc.

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Everyone deserves a space tailored to their needs, a space that feels like an extension of themselves. Whether you’re an individual, couple, family, business; the spaces you spend time in influence your well being, so let’s make them beautiful, comfortable and functional.

With over 10 years of design experience, designing houses, buildings, commercial and residential interiors Bon Bureau Design Inc. focuses on small and mid size residential and commercial interiors.

Bon Bureau Design Inc. has projects and works in Canada, Croatia and the United States.

Design process is very important

As a start to every project we like to ask insightful questions that will reveal the needs and wants you have for your project. After initial discussion we dive into creating design concepts.

In this first conceptual and schematic design phase we explore your initial reactions to the space, as well as our own. We work to create different iterations so that after we present all of it to you, you can be certain that you are getting a space tailored to your specific needs. This is a fun and rewarding process.

After we complete this step we move on to design development phase based on the selected iteration. In this step you will see your / house / apartment / room / shop come to life through plans, sections, 3D renderings and other visualizations.

To make sure the design is transferred to reality we move on to construction drawing set and construction admin to bring everything together.

Our design process can also be done and delivered completely online!  

About Marina

Marina Tolj is the Founder and Creative Director of Bon Bureau Design Inc. Marina earned her Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Planning. After more than 10 years of experience,  working for renowned architecture companies in Canada and Croatia, Marina founded her own design practice in Toronto.

Her focus on quality design and research into connected sciences and technologies produced many successful and award winning projects over the years. She brings this focus to Bon Bureau Design Inc. projects, creating beautiful, meaningful, healthy and happy spaces.